One Day International Seminar on Materials Science & Technology (ISMST 2017)

Organized by


Department of Physics

Mother Teresa Women’s University,

Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, India

Date: 4th August 2017


Role of RPM on the Synthesis of Sol-Gel Derivate BSO Thin Films

-A. Amali Roselin, N. Anandhan, M. Karthikeyan, R. Priyatharshini

The Effect of Size of the CuO Nanoleaves on the Sunlight Driven Photocatalytic Properties

-S. Muthurani, D. Prem Anand

Natural Dye from Phyllanthus Reticulatus Fruit as Light –Harvesting Pigments for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

-S. Rajkumar, K. Suguna

Preparation and Physical Characterization of Sulfur/Carbon Black Composite Cathode Material for Li-S Battery

-P. Rajkumar, K. Diwakar, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Activation of Sepiolite by Various Acid Treatments

-C. Kalaiselvi, M. Sivakumar, R. Subadevi

Optimization of Lithium Concentration in Lithium Iron Orthosilicate Via Polyol Route

-K. Diwakar, R. Dhanaladkshmi, P. Rajkumar, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Optimization of Lithium Iron Orthosilicate Electrodes Synthesized Via Various Methods

-M. Kouthaman, R. Dhanalakshmi, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Role of Surfactant on Synthesis and Characterization of Cerium Oxide (CeO2) Nano Particles by Modified Co-Precipitation Method

-M. Ramachandran, M. Shanthi, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Acoustical and Thermodynamical Studies in Ternary Mixtures of Ethylene Glycol and Glycerol with Octanol AT 303.15K

-D. Devi, M. M. Armstrong Arasu, A. Mary Girija

Thermo-Acoustical Molecular Interaction Studies in Birnary Liquid Mixtures by Ultrasonic Velocity Measurement (Diethylamine + n-Butanol)At 303.15K

-A. Mary Girija, M. M. Armstrong Arasu, D. Devi

Synthesis and Structural Analysis of NaFePO4 Nanocomposite for Sodium Ion Batteries

-V. Priyanka, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Investigations on Physical Properties of Sulfur Based Composite Cathodes in Lithium Sulfur Battery Fabrication

-G. Radhika, K. Krishnaveni, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Synthesis and Characterization of P2-Nax[Fe1/2 Mn1/2]O2 Iron and Manganese based Electrode Material for Sodium Ion Rechargeable Batteries

-P. Arjunan, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Dielectric Dispersion and Relaxation Behaviour of Synthesized Polymer Electrolyte Membrane for Electrochemical Applications

-S. Porchelvi , R. Kannan, S. Rajashabala, P. Bahavan Palani, K. Sainul Abidin

Synthesis and Characterization of ZnS Nanostructured Thin Films using Chemical Spray Pyrolysis

-Dhanasekaran D, Bincy John, Leo Rajesh A

Mechanistic Investigation of FeO/MnO/ZnO Nanocomposites for UV Light Driven Photocatalytic Performance

-Shanmugam Vignesh, M. Sivakami, P. Muniyappan, Jeyaperumal Kalyana Sundar

Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Metal Incorporated L-Serine Crystal

-P. Christuraj, M. Dinesh Raja, J. Madhavan

Effect of Synthesis Conditions on Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) Nanocrystalline Powder Via Sol Gel Method

-M. Asisi Janifer, S. Anand, M. Senthuuran, S. Pauline

Effect of Precursor on the Efficient Formation of ZnS Thin Films for Buffer Layer

-G. Genifer Silvena, Bincy John, A. Leo Rajesh

Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO/CNT Nanocomposite

-P. Muruganandam, Rintu Varghese, H. Joy prabu, B. Kanickairaj, I. Johnson

Surface Texture and Luminous Analysis of Sol-Gel Spin Coated Dy-doped ZnO Thin Films

-S. Fathima Thaslin, N. Anandhan, A. Amali Roselin, K.P. Ganesan, M. Karthikeyan, T. Marimuthu

Spectroscopic Investigation of Laser Treated Nano Material Lead Oxide

-L. Priyanga, N. Ravi

Preparation and Characterization of Phosphate Based Glasses

-V. Balasubramani, R. Marnadu, R. Suresh

Facile Synthesis of CuO Nanoparticles by Hydrothermal Method and their Application on Antibacterial Activity

-V. Maria Vinosel, A. Persis Amaliya, S. Blessi, S. Pauline

Synthesis & Magnetic Properties of Magnesium Ferrite (MgFe2O4) Nanoparticles Via Sol Gel Method

-M. Easwari, Sr. S .Jesurani

Nano Tailoring of MnO2 Doped Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as Electrode Materials for Super Capacitor

-R. Ramesh kannan, S. Karthick Kumar, M. Sivabharathy

Synthesis, Growth and Optical Studies of L-Valine Potassium Nitrate Single Crystal

-P. Eniya, S.Tamilarasan, J. Kalyana Sundar

Spectroscopic, Mechanical and Optical Properties of L-Serine Ammonium Carbonate (LSAC) Single crystal

-M. Dinesh Raja, P. Christuraj, J. Madhavan

Effect of Laser Induced Tin Oxide (SnO2) Nano particle

-N. Ravi, R. Maridurai

Synthesis, Characterization and Electrical Conductivity Study of Conductive Polypyrrole Doped with Nano Tin Composite for Antibacterial Application

-G. Sowmiya, P. M. Anbarasan, G. Velraj

Fabrication, Structural and Optical Properties of Ni and Cr Doped ZnO Nanocomposites for Photocatalyst Under UV Light

-Shanmugam Vignesh, Jeyaperumal Kalyana Sundar

Green Synthesis of MgO Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Activity

-G. Palanisamy, T. Pazhanivel                                                                           

Synthesis, Characterization and Electro analytical Applications of Nitrogen Doped Ordered Mesoporous Carbon for the Selective Determination of Dopamine, L-Cysteine, Ascorbic Acid and Paracetamol

-K.G. Sangeetha, R. Vasanthi

Synthesis, Structural and Optical Properties of an Organic Stilbazolium Single Crystal of 4-(4-Hydroxy Styryl)-1-Methylpyridinium 4-Styrene Sulfonate

-Priya Antony, S. John Sundaram, R. Mahesh, S. Mary Margaret, P. Sagayaraj

Synthesis, Growth and Optical Properties of L-Threoninium Chloride for Opto electronic applications

-R. Anbarasan, J. Kalyana Sundar

Investigations on the Properties of Copper Sulphide Nanoparticles

-S. Deepapriya, L. Ansel Mely, P. Annie Vinosha, John. D. Rodney, S. Lakshmi Devi, S. Jerome Das

Growth and Characterization of Guanidine Benzoate (GuBzt) Single Crystals

-D. Sathya, V. Sivashankar, D. Prem Anand

Synthesis and Experimental Technique for the Study of Acoustic, Mechanical, Electrical and Optical Studies of Copper Nanofluid using a Novel One - Step Method

-S. Suseela, R. Mary Mathelane

Chemical and Mechanical Studies on Groundwater Samples Collected from Namakkal Town, Tamilnadu and Incorporation of Natural Polymeric Material

-P. Thamilarasu,  R. Sharmila, K. Velusamy

Kinetic Study of Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate Initiated by Ce(IV) – Vanillin Redox System  in the Presence β-CD and Micellar Phase

-C. Kumaresan, M.C. Duraimanickam

Spectroscopic  and Quantum Chemical Calculations of 4-(2,5-Dichlorobenzyl)-2,3,4,5,6,7-Hexahydro-7-(4 Methoxyphenyl)Benzo[H][1,4,7]Triazecin-8(1h)-One from Leaves  of Cassia Auriculata (Avaram)

-A. Manikandan, P. Rajesh, A. R. Prabakaran, S. Gunasekaran

Indium Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Films: Effect on Structural, Optical and Electrical Characteristics

 -A. Jacquiline Regina Mary, S. Arumugam

Photo-Ionization Cross-Section and Binding Energy of Exciton in a Parabolic Quantum Well

-P. Ravikashree, A. Anitha, M. Arulmozhi

Rapid Solution Combustion Synthesis of NiO Nanostructures: Characterization and Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity

-R. Jamuna, A. Jegatha Christy

Synthesis, Ultrasonic Characterization and Comparative Studies of Silver and Gold Nanofluids at Various Temperature

-K. Poongothai, R. Mary Mathelane

Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO and Ammonium Doped ZnO Nanoparticles by Co-Precipitation Method

-M. Dharanya, S. Sri Devi, J. Jamunapandi

Characterization of Polyvinylpyrrolidone Material Coated Piezoresistive MEMS/ NEMS Cantilever Analysis and Experimentation using Omnicant for High Sensitivity and Selectivity

-Srinivasarao Udara, Hadimani H C, Harish H M  

Investigations on the Growth and Characterization of NLO Active Cadmium Picrate Single Crystal

-L. Ruby Nirmala

Structural and Optical Properties of Electron Beam Evaporated ITO and Ni: ITO Thin Films

-Deepannita Chakraborty, S. Kaleemulla, N. Madhusudhana Rao, K. Subbaravamma, G. Venugopal Rao

Ultrasonic Studies on Molecular Interaction in Ternary Liquid Mixtures of N-N Dimethyl Formamide, Methyl Benzoate, and Cyclohexane at 303K, 313K, and 323K

-K. Sirajunisha, M. M. Armstrong Arasu

Acoustics Thermodynamic and Solvation Study of Protein Salt Solutions using Ultrasonic Technique

-K Kannagi, Ilavarasi

Study of Geometrical, Electronic Structure, Spectral and NLO Properties Of Allium Cepa Dye Sensitizer for Solar Cell Applications

-K. M. Prabu, K. Akila, E. Elanchezhian, S. Kanimozhi

Studies on Sulfur Based Ternary Composite Cathode Material for Lithium Sulfur Batteries

-K. Krishnaveni, G. Radhika, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Structural and Surface Morphology Studies of Zinc Sulphide Nanopowders

-T. Vandhana,  A. J. Clement Lourduraj

Photo Physical Investigation on Mg / Sn Doped ZnO Nanoparticles for Gas Sensing Application

-K. Bhuvaneswari, T. Pazhanivel

Optical Properties of Nanostructured Cerium Oxide Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition

-K. Maniammal, Navas I, R. Vinod Kumar, K. M. Nissamudeen, K. G. Gopchandran, V. Biju

Characterization of Archaeological Ceramic Materials Collected from Recently Excavated Site in India using Spectroscopic Techniques

-S. Tamilarasu, P.M. Anbarasan, G. Velraj

Synthesis and Characterization of Sm2O3 Nanoparticles using Combustion Method

-Morris Marieli Antoinette, S. Israel

Structural and Morphological Optimizations of Li2FeSio4 Cathode Material for Next Generation Libs

-V. Meenakshi, R. Dhanalakshmi, P. Rajkumar, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Silver Nano Dots as Effective Biosensors in the Field of Medicine

-A. G. J. Patricia,  M. Umadevi Mahalingam

Computational Nano Technology and Simulation Techniques Applied to Study Silver Nano Dots

-A. G. J. Patricia, M. Umadevi Mahalingam

Gel Growth and Characterization of New PbHNSO3 Crystals

-Sarala. N, Dhatchayani. S, Govindan. V, Sankaranarayanan. K

Optical Studies of Ni and Fe Doped Tin Oxide Nanoparticles by Co-Precipitation Method

-Amutha. T, P. Lavanya, M. Rameshbabu, K. Prabha

Synthesis and Characterization of Hydroxyapatite/Graphene Oxide for Biomedical Applications

-Dhatchayani Surendran, Vaseeharan Baskaralingam, Vijayakumar Sekar, Sarala Natarajan, Sankaranarayanan Krishnasamy


Effect of Different Salts on P(VdC-co-AN)Gel Polymer Electrolytes for Li –Rechargeable Batteries

-M. Shanthi, M. Ramachandran, S. Rajendran, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Effects of Spatially Dependent Effective Mass and Non-Parabolicity on Hydro Genic Impurity Binding Energy in a Near Triangular Quantum Well

-T. Subha Shree, M. Arulmozhi

Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and its Antibacterial Activity

-M. R. Bindhu, Beena. M. Amala, M. Jeeva

Studies on the effect of Sodium Chloride on Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate Single Crystals

-Beena. M. Amala, M. R. Bindhu

Screening of Soil Nutrient Analysis and Pesticide Residues from Kodaikanal, Dindigul Districts of Tamil Nadu

-S. Himalini, R. Sathayamani, M. Razia

Effect of Surfactant on Synthesis and Characterization of Ceo2 based P(S-MMA) Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Lithum Polymer Battery

-M. Ramachandran, M. Shanthi, R. Subadevi, M. Sivakumar

Large Scale Synthesis and Characterization of Few Layer Graphene Nanosheets for Super capacitor Applications

-S. A. Thaneswari, A. J. Clement Lourduraj

Functional, Optical and Mechanical Studies on Metallo-Organic GNC Crystal using Density Functional Method

-A. Shiny Febena, M. Victor Antony Raj, J. Madhavan

Synthesis and Investigation of Ce Doped Tinoxide (SnO2) Nanoparticles

-P.M.R. Mani Bharathi, T. Amutha, M. Rameshbabu, K. Prabha

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Ternary Chalcopyrite CuFeS2 Nanoparticles

-Ansel Mely L, Annie Vinosha P, Deepapriya S, John D Rodney, Jerome Das S

Studies on Structural, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Zinc Ferrite Nanoparticles

-P. Annie Vinosha, D. Anceila, L. Ansel Mely, S. Deepa Priya, John. D. Rodney, S. Jerome Das

The Spectroscopic, HOMO-LUMO, NLO Analyses and Thermodynamical Parameters of Octafluoronaphthalene

-M. Arivazhagan, R. Rajathi Subbulakshmi, G. Jesudason, R. Selvendran

Electrochemical Behaviour of Catechol at Electrochemically Pretreated Pencil Graphite Electrode

-N. Sedhu, V. Raj

Successor of CMOS Technology by Heterogeneous Material -Hydroxyisoquinolin-Hydrogen Succinate

-S. Ambalatharasu, R. Kanagadurai

Dielectric Properties, AC Electrical Conductivity and Electric Modulus Profiles of Hematite (α-Fe2O3) Nanoparticles

-S. Anand, V. Maria Vinosel, M. Asisi Jenifer, S. Pauline

A Study on Structural and Dielectric Properties of  CdO2 Nanoparticles

-K. Mohamed Racik, P. Prabakaran, M. Mahendiran, J. Madhavan, M. Victor Antony Raj

Structural and Optical Properties of Cerium Doped V2O5 thin Film using Spray Pyrolysis Technique

-K. Veera Prabhu, N.R. Senthil Kumar, T. Rajesh Kumar

Study on Optical, Magnetic and Structural Properties of CuFe2O4 by Co-Precipitation Technique

-D. Anceila, G. Francisco Nirmala, P. Sagayaraj, V.Joseph

Study on Optical, Magnetic and Structural Properties of NiCoFe2O4 by Co-Precipitation Technique

-D. Anceila, G. Francisco Nirmala, P. Sagayaraj, V.Joseph

Investigation on the Properties of Copper Oxide by Solution Combustion Synthesis

-John.D.Rodney, K. Raja, S.Deepapriya, P.Annie Vinosha, L. Ansel Mely, S. Janet Priscilla , R.Daniel, S. Jerome Das

Nucleation Kinetics and Theoretical Calculation of Anorgano-Metalliccadmium Thiosemicarbazide Bromide Hydrate (TSCCB) Nonlinear Optical Single Crystal

-M. Akilan, R. Ragu, A. Sybil Emarance, J. P. Angelena, J. Mary Linetand, S. Jerome Das

Nucleation Kinetics and Dielectric Study on Acetophenone Thiosemicarbazone (APTSC) Single Crystals

-A. Sybil Emarance, M. Akilan, R. Ragu, J. P. Angelena, J. Mary Linet, S. Jerome Das

Anti-cancer and Cytotoxic Studies on DAST Crystal

-J. Arul Martin Mani, V. Joseph, P. Sagayaraj

Mechanical and Dielectric Nature of Organic Molecular Anthracene Single Crystal

-R. Ragu, M. Akilan, A. Sybil Emarance, S. Jerome Das

Study on Thermo Dynamical Parameters of Ternary Liquid Mixtures (N-N Dimethylformamide + Methyl Benzoate + Toluene) AT 303K, 313K AND 323K

-M. Catherine Priscilla, M.M. Armstrong Arasu

The Structural and Optical Properties of Urea Doped LASC NLO Single Crystal

-J. Honest Arul Raj, T. Rajesh Kumar, R. Sangeetha

Solution Combustion Mediated Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles

-S. Janet Priscilla, R. Daniel, S. Gayathri, A. Melcita, J. Junita, D. Hanitha, Caroline Ponraj, John. D. Rodney, K. Sivaji

Investigation –Growth-Characterization of Imidazole-Imidazolium Picrate Monohydrate

-Subaranjani R, Madhavan J, Victor Antony Raj M

Construction and Performance Study of Solar Lights using Microcontroller

-A. Clara Dhanemozhi , S. Sivaranjani, M.V. Joancily Prema, G. Bagavathi