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Authors Guidelines

Authors should submit the manuscript that have been carefully proof read and polished. Authors are required to refer the IRjET manuscript template . This will ensure fast processing and publication. Acceptance or rejection notification will be sent through e-mail.

  • Manuscript must be original and should not have been published previously any where.
  • Authors should follow the IRJET Manuscript format.
  • Manuscript must be written in English using MS-Word (doc or docx format only).
  • Only "Cambria" font should be used.
  • Manuscript should contain maximum of 20 pages.
  • Maximum number of authors is FIVE.
  • Include Index terms or Key words are to be included in the abstract.
  • Authors are required to sign the IRJET copyright transfer form, once the manuscript is accepted
Preparation of Manuscript

Margins          : Top


Bottom 0.5”


0.5” Right 0.5”

Margin  : Narrow

Font Cambria / 10 pt

Title of paper  : 16 Point 


13 Point         

Sub Heading   :12 Point


Single line spacing


Manuscripts should be neatly typed in double column on A-4 size paper.

Lengthy mathematical proofs and derivations and extensive test data are discouraged. If absolutely essential, they should be given as an appendix.

Body of the paper should be well organized into logical sections, sequentially numbered with all the sub-headings .The preferred order of contents should be as follows:

Title of the paper, Author (s) name (s), affiliation(s) and Corresponding Author (s) business address , Synopsis of the paper in not more than 150 words, covering the objectives of the work, methods used, results obtained and conclusions reached, Acknowledgment, References & Appendices.

A list of references to already published work should be numbered sequentially in order of their citation in the text in the form of a superscript numeral, and should be given at the end of the paper. The list should give name (s) with initials of the author (s) and the exact title of the paper or book. In case of journals, these should be followed by the volume number, month and year of the issue and initial page number of the article. In case of books, these should be followed by the name (s) of the editor (s), if appropriate, the name of the publisher and the place and the year of publication. In case of conference proceedings, the exact theme of the conference along with the date should be given. All references appearing in the list should be indicated in the text. Unpublished articles or private communicationsshould not be given in the reference list. Examples are given below for illustrations:

B. Franoise, Y. Magid and W. Bernard. ‘Application of Neural Networks to Load Frequency Control in Power Systems.’ Neural Networks, vol 7, no 1, pp 183, 1994.

D. M. Vinod Kumar. ‘Fuzzy Neural Network Based Automatic Generation Control.’ Proceedings International Conference on Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering, Recent Advances, Roorkee (India), pp 418, Sept 1997.

A. K. Mahalanabis, D. P. Kothari and S. I. Ahon. ‘Computer Aided Power System Analysis and Control.’ New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill; 1988.

Figures & Tables:
All figures should be pasted in appropriate place of the paper. Caption for the figures should be printed below the figures and numbered consecutively throughout the text. Tables should be placed closest to the text of citation and the title of the table to be printed on top of the table and numbered consecutively throughout the text.